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Retrospective: 2019, highlights and new horizons

Looking back on the key moments of the year at WOÔ

New year, new projects.

This is the time for retrospectives over the past year. At WOÔ, 2019 translates into new projects, changes, and lots of new things. Technological development, international growth, fundraising, implementation of an ethics charter and creation of a committee ... A look back at the events that marked our influence workshop: WOÔ.

Composed with top influence specialists with 10 years worth of experience and thanks to its platforms YOÔ and VOÔ (which WOÔ bought in January 2019), WOÔ is the only influence agency presenting a global offer including macro, micro and nano influencers. The agency creates personalized campaigns around multi-expertise: influencer marketing, social media and brand content, event management and artistic production.

More than 20 collaborators have joined the WOÔ adventure since the first half of 2019 and have created hundreds of campaigns!

In May 2019, WOÔ opened its new offices, at 11 avenue Parmentier in the 11th arrondissement and offers a photo studio and a free CoWOÔrking space accessible to any influencer, photographer or even new entrepreneurs who would like to be infused "WITH OUR ÔRIGINALITY" (WOÔ).

At the end of September 2019, WOÔ strengthened its position by launching the intuitive platform YOÔ Do which allows entrepreneurs, start-ups and local merchants, who do not have the communication or marketing budgets of multinationals and large distributors, to have access to run influencer campaigns.

In the same spirit, WOÔ makes the difference by launching its platform on Ethics in October 2019 for both associations and influencers : YOÔ Care. Why ? Influencers can use their special relationships with their community by sharing causes to be defended.

With the desire to have people at the heart of our business, WOÔ also launched in October 2019 its platform of ethical influence, YOÔ Care, to allow associations to promote causes they and, on others, support proposing that influencers make their voices heard in their community so that together they can get things done.

In November 2019, WOÔ marked a technological turning point by raising 3 million euros from Inter Invest Capital. This fundraising will accelerate the technological development of the agency and its international growth, always with the watchwords "creativity, ethics and expertise in the service of influencers" stated Agathe Nicolle, the creator of WOÔ.

WOÔ in 2019

Looking back at a few key figures from 2019 through our different teams:
 "2019 was a key year for our expertise in artistic direction and production fields. We are really proud of our Lancôme campaigns, shot with the production company Ubiquity Films for the Idôle fragrance (by Audrey Mascina) with the new lipstick L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream," Aimee, our Aussie macro influencer project manager.

"This year, YOÔ has 15,883 more influencers, 544 campaigns, 17,779 content, an average engagement rate of 6% and a total reach of 64,991,322.",
Florian, Associate and YOÔ Director, the micro-influencer platform of WOÔ.

“In 2019 for campaign strategists we created more than 170 hashtags!"
Justine, Creative Strategist Manager.

“With more than 100 recommendations produced this year, we have benchmarked more than 200 brands (influencer strategy, Instagram accounts, newsletters, sites, KPI's of their social media accounts), carried out studies on influencers in 18 different sectors (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, mass distribution, food, etc.), opening brands to 150 international markets, including China, Russia and Latin America."
Brian, Creative Head and Associate.

“2019 was the year of change for VOÔ, WOÔ's nano-influence platform (formerly Grooplay): this year we had over 260,000 nano influencers on the platform, run more than 200 operations, 80 partner groups, with more than 30,000 boxes shipped and over 200,000 entries done!"
Éric, VOÔ founder and Sales Manager.

WOÔ in 2020: An Ethical Way for Influencing

Looking ahead, 2020 seems to be the year of the emergence of the need for ethics in influencer marketing. Indeed, the professionalization of influencer marketing in a digital environment, sometimes ill-suited to current regulations, raises the essential question of campaign ethics.

This is why the Board of Directors of the WOÔ agency took the decision in July of 2019 to create an Ethics Committee and to implement a Code of Ethics which guarantees total transparency on campaigns, with the desire to keep people at the heart of our business.
The influence marketing sector is still young and fast-growing, which poses some legal and ethical challenges to markets actors. This Ethical Charter aims at giving influencers tools for them to share transparent and objective information, as well as giving them the means to operate in a safe legal environment. We also want consumers to get information that allows them to trust influencers.

You can sign up this Ethical Charter, whether you're a brand, an agency or an influencer !

This trend towards ethical influence is also reflected in figures: in 2018, we had 3.3% of posts from YOÔ campaigns that contained the hashtag #partnership. In 2019, that rose to more than 35%, 10 times higher, which does not impede the engagement rate, which remains around 5-6%.

International and technological perspectives

The WOÔ team is attacking this new year with high ambitions and new projects, now accompanied by Poulpe, a Parisian developer agency that WOÔ bought in January 2020.
Already present in London, Marseille and Shanghai, WOÔ also intends to accelerate its international development, in 15 countries by 2022.

"Influencer Marketing is democratizing and becoming more professional and e believe that 2020 will be the year of ethical, creative and effective strategies!"-Agathe Nicolle, creator of WOÔ.


Ninon Larcher, Digital Marketing & Communication Project Manager at WOÔ

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