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The COVID-19 crisis and how to adapt your communication: 6 rules to create ethical influencer campaigns that works.

It has shaken the world and our habits. A profound change in the spirit of Influencer Marketing, the COVID-19 crisis brought to light values essential to the sustainability of Influencer Marketing: People and Ethics.

The messages of solidarity and empathy towards the nursing community from all stakeholders in Influencer Marketing (influencers, brands, agencies) is proof that a subject of common interest and the sharing of community values can give way to a new era of creativity and communication.

Now more than ever seems to be the right time to create authentic and engaging content.
Today, 67.3% of influencers say that they systematically refuse proposals for partnerships with brands whose values they do not share (source: Kantar Media).

Adhering to ethical influencer campaigns means resorting to the Influencer Marketing of tomorrow.

So what lesson should brands learn from this crisis? What mission should we have beyond our profession as a stakeholder in Influencer Marketing? What values are offered in the era of post-quarantine?

Here are 6 golden rules WOÔ has developed for you to create an ethical influencer campaign that works. You can find them in our Influence Marketing Ethics Charter.

Clearly communicate expectations, goals and budgets to the agency, the influencer and other actor in the campaign.

Do not select influencers solely on the basis of the number of their followers. Also take into account the values of the influencer, their interest in the brand, and the demographics of their audience.

Give the influencer the necessary amount of time to test the product or service and thus open the possibility of exchanges if it is not suitable.

Allow for visual and editorial creativity coming from the influencer and respect copyright.

Offer trips of more than 3 days, especially for long-hauls.
Favor the train as much as possible. Avoid waste from products and/or packaging.

Ensure confidentiality of all information exchanged reciprocally.


Ninon Larcher, Junior Communication Project Manager at WOÔ

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