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How to ensure the protection of minors in an influencer campaign?

Given the boom in Influencer Marketing and especially amongst the younger generations, it seems today that it is essential and necessary to forbid work involving minors in an influencer campaign.

At WOÔ, we consider it to be a priority to ensure the protection of minors in the interests of transparency and ethics. We are committed to placing people as much as possible at the heart of our profession, and this requires respect for individuals, particularly minors when they are involved in our campaigns through the solicitation of the parents of the influencers, for example.


To date, we are confronted with a real legal vacuum, this is why the WOÔ agency pays close attention to answer to ethical and deontological rules, making it possible to avoid all behaviors carrying polemics or scandals.

These rules are notably mentioned in Ethics Charter, established by WOÔ, and allow influencers to operate with legal certainty. 

Therefore, there is no legal framework concerning the issue of labour for child influencers, unlike children in show business. The scheduling or duration of shoots are not regulated by labour law, and the income from such shoots are not deposited at the “Caisse des Dépôts” (FR - Bank Accounts) until they reach full age, as is the case for child models, for example. 

In order to remedy this real legal vacuum, a bill was passed at first reading by the National Assembly (in France) on Wednesday, February 12, with the aim of regulating the commercial exploitation of minors under the age of 16 on the Internet.
It should provide solutions regarding the supervision of the presence of minors in the content of an advertising campaign.
Beyond respecting ethical rules and our Charter drawn up by the WOÔ Ethics Committee, we are always in favor of an ever more legal, precise and transparent framework and will not fail to respect it.


We are aware that children represent an easily vulnerable target for exposure to the Internet via social platforms.
This is why at WOÔ, we are responsible for blocking all comments relating to content incorporating children in order to protect them from potential harmful feedback which could affect them.

Also, as discussed in our previous article, WOÔ strives to select influencers with great care when it comes to campaigns dealing with “sensitive” subjects (alcoholic beverages, slimming products, non-dietetic products, etc.): influencers are chosen with an audience of more than 70% of adults over the age of 18, who will also guarantee not to encourage people to adopt dangerous or irresponsible behavior.

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Solène & Ninon, Lawyer & Digital Marketing & Communication Project Manager at @WOÔ

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