What's the point of having a great brand if no one knows about it?

The Planner platform helps you create, manage and monitor your influencer campaigns in the easiest and most efficient way possible. No fluff, no waste of time, just what you need to make your brand shine.

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Simple, clear and effective. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.



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1 campaign
10 Influencers
30 Hype Auditor credits
Customer support (chat)
1 user
Approved profile info
Export campaign's report
€299 excl. tax


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Influence is no longer a mystery!


Unlimited campaigns
Unlimited influencers
Multi-brand account
200 Hype Auditor credits/ campaign
Customer support (chat, mail, phone)
Unlimited users
Approved profile info
Export campaign's report
€599 excl. tax / month


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With WOÔ Planner, influencers come to you

Don't waste time chasing influencers. Post your brief and interested influencers will apply directly. Simply select your preferred candidates to launch your campaign.

They use WOÔ Planner

Beauty, fashion, food, emerging or leading brands, they all use WOÔ Planner to boost their visibility (and they are quite happy with it)

Bhangara post
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They talk about it better than we do


“The platform is easy to use, the team is accessible and very friendly, influencers are responsive, campaigns are easier to set up and run. Thank you WOÔ!”

Salima Mazghi - BUBBLE CARE

“The platform is very intuitive and makes managing partnerships for our company HappyBulle so much easier. Campaigns are easy to create and monitor, information on influencer profiles is comprehensive and saves time. Editing statistics at the end of a campaign is a real plus and helps us measure the impact of each campaign”

Dorothée Cailley - HappyBulle

“We enjoyed the platform because it compiles all our campaign’s information: from the brief, conversations with influencers, their achievements, to the campaign's key figures! To be repeated!" ”

Stéphanie Lacotte - DACO BELLO

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