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Our favorite artsy influencers of the month

Every month we introduce a selection of influencers who inspire us

Influencers have become an essential means of communication regardless of your marketing objectives (notoriety, drive-to-store, product launches, etc.), but the same question comes up regularly: "How can I successfully choose a selection of influencers that best represent my brand and its values?"

Each month, we help you prepare your selection of influencers by offering you new Instagram accounts that can help you in your process of identifying new profiles.
The idea is simple, in your search for profiles in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, architecture, food, travel or arts, we will provide you with our favorite profiles of the month.

Our selection of French art influencers:
  1. @frenchtoaststudio
French Toast studio, created by the duo Nienke Mulder and Amanda Swart. An account that tells you about art, decoration, and clothes in pretty pastel colors.

  1. @royalgarance
Garance grew up in his father's (Kriki) studio, then trained by studying architecture, but it was mainly his intuition that led him to define his own vocation. An illustrator, Garance Vallée is just as much a designer of objects and spaces as well as a painter.
This is an account that we look at every day!
  1. @ineslongevial
This painter from the south of France who uses intense colors in her art, is heavily influenced by Spanish culture. In addition to her being a painter, she is also an illustrator and works on numerous collaborations.

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