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How can we create an influencer campaign for an alcoholic brand in a legal, ethical and effective manner?

At a time when social media is invading the daily lives of young individuals and where Influencer Marketing plays an important role, WOÔ believes that it is essential for both the protection of young individuals and the many legal and ethical issues that could arise when developing a campaign.

Indeed, the youth of the influencer marketing sector coupled with its very rapid growth makes the legal certainty for influencers difficult. Alcohol advertising has only recently been an area regulated by the Law!

For the sake of transparency and trust, WOÔ is committed to a framed and ethical communication when it comes to alcoholic beverages.


The legal framework mainly derives from the French Public Health Code, which lays down compulsory notices, in particular "alcohol abuse is dangerous for health", inviting the public to "consume it in moderation".

Applied to the field of Influencer Marketing, WOÔ educates influencers by committing them to insert these legal notices in each of the content descriptions (posts or stories), while also creating hashtags such as:
#excessivedrinkingisdangerousforthehealth, #tobeconsumedwithmoderation. 

These mentions are intended to be inserted just after the hashtags allowing to bring to the public's attention the commercial nature of the collaboration: #inpartnershipwith ou or #sponsoredby, in accordance with our Ethics Charter and following recommendations made by ARPP, of which the WOÔ agency is a member. 

The Evin Law, passed in 1991, completed the French Public Health Code.
It’s the primary reference when it comes to verifying the compliance of advertising content that suggests alcoholic beverages. It provides more details on how to communicate on this type of content.

This is why the WOÔ agency pays particular attention to the conformity of the content produced, whether it is created by us or by the influencers with whom we collaborate.
Here are some of the rules: avoid any general festive and friendly setting that could evoke any association of ideas between this type of atmosphere and the consumption of alcoholic beverages; similarly, be vigilant towards the expression of influencers with regard to these drinks; favor culinary presentations, highlighting the alcoholic drink.


Through this ethical and transparent regulation of influencer marketing, WOÔ also hopes to be able to make the youth aware of the dangers of alcohol. We are therefore careful about choosing the top influencers that reach an audience of more than 70% adults aged 18 and older. 
On the other hand, these influencers should have some legitimacy to talk about alcoholic beverages, which is expressed by an appetite for the culinary environment and any alcoholic drink.

Given its addictive nature, alcohol thus requires structured and transparent communication. 
The advertising message delivered during a campaign about alcoholic beverages must therefore meet many criteria such as clarity on the fact that it is alcohol, the lack of encouragement to consume it, and transparency as to the fact that alcohol is dangerous and should in no case be a remedy for any situation.

At WOÔ, we also attach value to respecting numerous ethics rules and guidelines, in addition to the existing legal framework, for example, concerning event organisations. 

So, whether you are an influencer, a brand or an agency, you too can get involved in an approach built on ethics and trust and sign our Ethics Charter for Influencer Marketing!


Solène & Ninon, Lawyer & Digital Marketing & Communication Project Manager at @WOÔ

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