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Tik Tok, when a social media unveil the creative side of the Z generation.

Numerous articles talks about it, it’s in pole position of the downloads on the App store… But what’s this lead application that the Z generation loves? What’s its magical power that releases this new form of creativity that we see in the contents of teenagers?

“ Today’s Tik Tok invents and reinvents itself daily leaving every user with the freedom to express themselves through creative content outstripping every other social media “

The application, or rather the social platform Tik Tok, is officially no longer the newbie on the social network and influence market. Trusted by the Z Generation and possibly the future Alpha generation, Tik Tok is today counting 500 million active users per month, including 4 million french teenagers and pre-teens nicknamed the “Museurs” or “TikTokers”.

Young talents who create, release and test their own creativity through 60 seconds videos maximum.

Far from its previous name “” and its contents exclusively based on music and dancing, today’s TikTok invents and reinvents itself daily leaving every user with the freedom to express themselves through creative content outstripping every other social media as explains Sorayane (@unebriochesauvage) “I like the diversity on this application, everybody can post and share whatever they want whether it’s singing, drawing, acting, sponsoring, …”

Whether they are alone or in pairs, the “museurs” appropriate or create trends around multiple subjects like humor, cooking, beauty, sports or arts… Videos were mostly presented as challenges around precise hashtags (sometimes initiated either by @TiktokFrance, influencers, or brands). Challenges that pushes the “museurs” like, @unebriochesauvage, to surpass themselves “it helps me overcome my limits because I always try to do better, whether it’s for visuals or effects, so it’s a real challenge that I take pleasure in doing.” Everything is available for the “museur” to make the most creative video contents : music, filter, effects, speed management, video cuts, … for the “museur” Dorian (@mr.transition), the transition king, the “timer” feature is his favorite : “thanks to this feature, I can take the video from different sides without having to cut the footage myself, which is very useful!”. 

There’s endless possibilities for every user and it surprises us every time! And here in the agency WOÔ, that’s what we are searching for!
First of all, letting influencers express themselves is essential for us in order to succeed a campaign. Second of all, because we believe in this new way of making creative content, it offers the brand the possibility to grow thanks to a new typology of influencers.

#ShoeChallenge +238m views
#InMyDenim by @Guess 37,9m views
#Multiclonage 2,2m views in 1day

“Young talents who reinvent social media and do not fail to surprise us”

If TikTok is an essential lever to address the Z generation consumers, be aware to not deceive this generation always searching for authenticity, your campaign needs to reflect your brand but also your users!

Here’s some tips on how to make the best creative and successful campaign:

1- The creation of a challenge…

The general idea is to create a concept around a representative hashtag that matches a creative challenge. On top of the fixed guidelines, it’s necessary to let the museurs express their own ideas to guaranty innovative and authentic contents.
Viral and inclusive, the challenge will give the followers and the potential consumers the opportunity to relate to one of your key moments through their participation while increasing the action. 

2- portrayed by creative profils…

Like every other social media, there no good or bad TikToker, there’s users and creative people who can match your brand and your campaign.
By blending the power of the influencers (influence pyramid), you could ensure the virality of the challenge. The trick is to ensure that the different profiles are engaged. The engagement is measured by the “hearts” on the videos and the comments that this video generated. The number of views is only accessible through the influencer’s profile.

3- ...amplified by you.

With the creation of a brand’s account where you engage your community, talk about the news, and create your own challenges, according to your key moments. 
With the creation of your brand, campaign and key moment filters.
With the sponsorship of your hashtag as trending on the home page.

So, are you ready to take the lead on the Z Generation?

Justine Lourenço, Campaign strategist at WOÔ