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The professionalization of influence in the digital environment, which in some instances is ill-suited to current regulations, raises critical questions about ethics in campaigning. During its last meeting, the Management Board of the WOÔ Agency, the Influence Workshop, decided to create an Ethics Committee and implement an Ethics Charter that ensures full transparency in all actions. 
WOÔ also announces its membership to ARPP (Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité), which reinforces the agency’s commitment to developing best practices in influence campaigns. 
Influencer marketing agencies need to undertake a socially responsible approach that creates a secure market. To do this, they need to get organised and introduce a set of shared rules, such as requiring influencers to mention that their posts are sponsored, to avoid posting similar products of other brands within a given period, to respect the laws governing the regulated sectors (Loi Évin), and so on.
“Joining the ARPP will allow the influencer marketing specialists to be mobilised to develop a set of best practices,“ explains Agathe Nicolle, Executive Director and founder of WOÔ. “ For several months now, we have been thinking about setting up a label and a business association that would contribute to establishing a standard-setting framework for influence campaigns,” she concludes. 
Pedagogy and ethics
Ethics was one of the highlights during the 1st Forum on Influence and Artificial Intelligence hosted by WOÔ in February, which brought influence professionals, researchers and students together to discuss this issue. In 2018, WOÔ had already initiated an Observatoire de l’Influence ( to measure the impact of its campaigns, which ensures brand effectiveness.